Bypassing Bypass Surgery, Chelation Therapy: A Non-Surgical Treatment for Reversing Arteriosclerosis, Improving Blocked Circulation, and Slowing the Aging Process

By Elmer M. Cranton, MD.

Review from customers:

  • February 2, 2003 By Liz Ellerbe (Fresno, CA)

    I was about to have my third angioplasty and have changed my mind since my chance (miraculous?) finding of this terrific book. Normally a skeptic, I just kept reading. Then I looked up chelation in Dr. Rosenfeld’s Guide to Alternative Medicine. His open-mindedness toward chelation was overwhelming. Since finishing Dr. Cranton’s book, I’ve decided to find an MD who can get me out of the HMO quagmire and give me relief from carotid artery, leg, and cardiac vascular problems. If what you’ve done doesn’t work, you change course!
  • July 20, 2002 By George Stancliffe (Toppenish, WA)

    I’m not joking!My dad is an MD and was skeptical when my mom (herself an RN) insisted on having Chelation Therapy over 10 years ago. My mom was not far from the exit from this life from many different ailments (including arteries which were 90% clogged). After several treatments, mom’s health perked up so much that my dad became a believer and went in for Chelation Therapy himself (his arteries were also mostly clogged). Mom and Dad are still alive and in pretty good health.My uncle had serious heart disease caused by clogged arteries, and was already in line to get open heart surgery when mom told him about what Chelation Therapy did for her. So my uncle dropped his open-heart surgery for the Chelation Therapy and never looked back.My copy of the book is the 1990 printing of the book that my mom gave me after she became a “convert.” I have been spreading the word to anybody I know who has heart problems.

    Thank you Dr. Elmer Cranton for your dedication to Chelation Therapy and for saving so many lives.

    –George Stancliffe

  • June 26, 2007, By E. Berry (Young Harris, GA)
    Don’t Believe the Nay Sayers

    I am 71, had chelation series 10 years ago and have had 6 mo. maintenance treatments since then – no sign of heart disease even though I am quite overweight right now.The physicians who care enough and are brave enough to offer this life saving, inexpensive therapy to their patients are truly to be admired.I asked my current physician, who does chelation, but in the context of an ordinary family practice, if he got a lot of heat from his colleagues. He said yes, but after he has personally observed the results in his own practice, he will stand up to anyone.Hopefully the current study will prove chelation once and for all.
  • March 14, 2007, By Hawaii Howie (USA)
    A “Traditional” Medicine Survivor

    I cannot do this book and others like it justice, they saved my life literally! I was at the M.D.’s office when they noticed an unusual heartbeat and sent me to a Cardiologist who tried to kill me on the treadmill (later found out from UCLA scan my arteries were 70 to 90% blocked not a treadmill candidate!)then tried to rush me into surgery, never asked me mind you, he had the audacity to tell me this is what I was going to do! Luckily, my primary care MD was open minded and gave me this book to read, well after this book I went to UCLA received the scan to determine the extent of the damage as stated above. I had a series of Chelations (30) at a fraction of what my deductible would have been for the “miracle of bypass surgery”. Went back to be scanned and guess what? NO MORE BLOCKAGE! I am grateful for this book, my open minded MD and my new lease on life. Take it from one who has been there!
  • August 5, 2006 By Hal Taylor “Rustytacks” (Fredericksburg, VA USA)Learning the truth
    In 1974 as a senior at Kansas State College, finishing up my degree in Biology/Chemistry I chose for my senior research project “Cadmium poisoning in Blue Green Algae”. In this study I learned, first hand, the value EDTA can have on living systems. Plant mitochondria and animal mitochondria operate in exactly the same way, producing energy for living systems. It happens that in the most fundamental “engine” of our bodies, the Krebs Cycle, living systems, both plant and animal, are vulnerable to heavy metal poisoning.Enzymes are the tools living systems use to extract energy from the nutrients we take in. I do not know the exact number but somewhere in the neighborhood of 25 percent (give or take 10) of these enzymes are “sulf-hydryl” enzymes. That is, they are ordinary enzymes that have a sulfur and hydrogen attached.This is the problem. Heavy metals are strongly attracted to these sulf-hydryl sites and after attaching they render the enzyme unusable by our systems. What are heavy metals? Lead, we all know lead can kill us, mercury and arsenic, the same. But the list also includes aluminum, cadmium and other metals that we do not normally consider toxic.So – what’s the big deal? First, heavy metals in our systems are like “Hotel California” they check in ok but don’t check out. They stay in our cells for a very very long time. Thus we are accumulating them throughout the course of our lives. Second the more heavy metals we have in our system the less efficient our energy manufacturing facilities are. It is exactly analogous to pulling two spark plug wires off the engine of your car. It will not have the energy it needs to perform.It is my OPINION that many of the gradually debilitating diseases we seem to have so much in this country could be avoided if our bodies were performing at maximum efficiency.Chelation therapy – what this book is about – “gets the lead out” and the arsenic and the cadmium and the aluminum and restores your body’s energy production system back to full steam. This is a good thing!Not surprisingly, when your body’s energy production system is in top shape a lot of very interesting things happen. The blood supply to your brain increases, Your cardiovascular system begins to perform better and on and on and on.In my research when I had apparently killed a colony of blue green algae completely, nothing left in the E-flask but an ugly brown clump. I could sprinkle a little EDTA in the flask, give it a good shake, and two days later there would be a green vibrant mass of healthy algae!What do the MDs say? (this is America and I am, so far, still allowed to express my opinions) They do not like it because EDTA is not a patentable compound therefore there is not a lot of money to be made by the drug companies. AND a quadruple bypass makes a lot more money for a physician that $3,000 for a series of ten IV treatments of EDTA. What else do they say? They say that it strips out all of the calcium from your body and you will break all your bones, Also, in my opinion, horse hocky. I have been doing chelation for the last 15 years and I know dozens of folks in the same boat and so far, not one broken bone, or calcium deficiency among us. It is wise to take a mineral supplement when doing chelation so that the body can be assured of maintaining the proper levels of good metals.

    Note to L. Berg, another review writer. Do yourself a favor and compare the number of deaths/strokes resulting from bypass surgery to the statistics on chelation. Truth is a good thing!

  • January 2, 2004 By A Customer

    The reviewer refers to us the Quackwatch website for “an objective non-biased view into the lack of efficacy on chelation”.The facts: Quackwatch is a website run by Stephen Barrett, a retired psychiatrist whose license expired seven years ago. The goal of this website is to discredit every single alternative therapy known to man through blanket ad-hominum generalizations.Fact: The most prominent medical journal in the world, THE LANCET, published 79 peer-reviewed double-blind placebo controlled studies proving the efficacy of EDTA chelation.Fact: In JAMA, vol. 260, p. 505, the orthodox medical establishment conceded that between 30% and 44% of all bypass surgeries are deemed unnecessary. And remember, 4% or 1 in 25 persons dies on the operating table during the procedure. So, for example, let’s say:100,000 bypass surgeries annually30% or 30,000 deemed not necessary4% or 1200 people die from an operation they should not have had.For more into the ulterior motives of Quackwatch, do a key word search for Quackpot Watch.

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