Chelation Therapy Endorsed by a Bypass Surgeon

Source : With a Case report

EDTA: A Life-Changing Experience

As a conventionally trained cardiovascular surgeon, the concept of free-radical pathology causing atherosclerotic vascular disease was not included in the curriculum. EDTA chelation was not a treatment option for our patients. Vitamins and minerals were not considered a valuable adjuvant to the advanced technology of angioplasty and bypass surgery. My dream of being a heart surgeon was becoming reality. However, I discovered a real problem. We were delivering symptomatic therapy and ignoring the disease process. The patients were encouraged to stop smoking, change their diet, exercise, and alter their lifestyle. Most patients were unsuccessful and were sent home for the untreated disease to continue its progression against health and life.

I was first encouraged to learn about the possible benefit of vitamin E for cardiac patients. Research led me to believe there was in fact enough evidence to substantiate the inclusion of vitamin E in my treatment protocol. There was still more I needed to learn, and I continued my quest for knowledge. I then discovered the concept of free-radical damage to the vascular endothelial cell membrane leading to plaque formation and stenosis. The addition of EDTA and a more intense vitamin regimen has provided many of my patients with the opportunity to experience improvement and healing even without surgery. The case history of one of these patients serves as an example of this truth.

A 72-year-old man presented to the Surgery Clinic and Vascular Treatment Center for continuation of chelation therapy because of atherosclerotic coronary artery disease. The first coronary artery bypass surgery performed after a myocardial infarction was unsuccessful. A second coronary artery bypass also resulted in angina that severely limited his level of activity and threatened to decrease his life expectancy. Post-surgical medical management failed to improve his condition. He was sent home with no hope for improvement and no other options.

Determined to find help for his failing heart, he discovered chelation therapy. With chelation, there was immediate improvement with reduction of anginal episodes and an increase in work capacity. EDTA chelation was given twice weekly and then reduced to monthly therapy after 30 treatments. Over 200 chelation treatments have been given since the initial medical and surgical therapy failure 22 years ago. For longer than 2 decades he has enjoyed complete symptomatic relief with no activity restriction. He was faced with the reality of an early death after his bypass surgeries failed, and was instructed to go home and enjoy the little time left to him. Chelation has truly been a gift of extended life for this gentleman.

Recently, this same patient was scheduled for coronary angiography in preparation for gallbladder surgery. His surgeon requested this study because of his cardiac history. The arteriogram showed no significant coronary artery disease. Twenty-two years earlier, there was documented coronary artery blockage sufficient to warrant 2 bypass surgeries. He tolerated the gallbladder surgery without incident. EDTA chelation therapy is being continued on a monthly basis. He remains active without symptoms or restriction of activity.

In conclusion, this history represents a patient with coronary artery atherosclerotic disease twice leading to myocardial infarction and bypass surgery. When the second surgery also ended in failure, he was given no hope for recovery. After more than 200 chelation treatments, an arteriogram demonstrated total reversal of the atherosclerotic process suggesting healing of a disease that is the number one cause of death and disability in America today.

The inclusion of EDTA chelation as a treatment for atherosclerotic vascular disease has been the single best therapeutic addition to my practice of general and vascular surgery, which began 19 years ago.

H. J. H. MD
Vascular, Thoracic and General Surgery


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